Massage & Treatments & Shiatsu

Timeout for me during my winter holidays in Obertauern

Feel-Good Offer

The small wonders performed by our treatment artists can be felt deep within your muscles and joints, in other words, in the very things that unite body & soul. The art of massage consists of restoring mobility and opening the pathways for your life energies to flow freely. Our treatment team is always more than happy to consult with you about your best options.


Shiatsu is rooted in traditional Far Eastern approaches to healing and represents an encounter on the physical, mental and spiritual plains. With the help of gentle stretching, joint rotation and carefully targeted pressure applied by the hands, knees or feet, it is possible to activate energy flow throughout the body and stimulate the acupuncture points.

ca. 60 minutes € 103,00

A small excerpt from our excellent selection of massage and treatment opportunities:

Full-body Massage

ca. 60 minutes € 93.00

Intensive Back Massage

ca. 30 minutes € 57.00

Children´s Massage "Dirndl & Bua"
4 - 14 years

ca. 30 minutes € 42.00

Abdominal massage with warm rosemary oil
incl. foot reflexology massage

ca. 60 minutes € 105.00

Lymph Drainage

ca. 60 minutes € 98.00
ca. 30 minutes € 53.00

Meridian Head Treatment

60 minutes € 97.00
30 minutes € 57.00

On Zon Su Chinese Foot Treatment

60 minutes € 98.00

Refreshing Facial Treatment

ca. 60 minutes € 109.00

Special Eye Treatment

ca. 45 minutes € 69.00